Recruiter Confidence Dips as Economic Concerns Mount

ExecuNet’s latest Recruiter Confidence Index showed a dip in September, as executive search firms tempered their expectations for job growth in the months ahead.

According to the September survey of 161 executive recruiters, 49% are confident or very confident the executive employment market will improve in the next six months, down from 53% in August and 64% at the end of the second quarter.

The ExecuNet team says executive-level job growth has remained “remarkably resilient in the face of several economic headwinds” this year.

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For example, for the first time since the last recession, the Recruiter Confidence Index has settled below 50% — a sign that recruiters are seeing more potential for contraction than expansion in the market.

Though the Index suggests pockets of growth in some sectors of the economy, ExecuNet says the search industry’s outlook is becoming more bearish.

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  1. There is NO doubt that a serious recession is now on the horizon, though my own business is holding together at this time. Longtime recruiters know thar we lose 40% of the industry in every recession,and this time will be no different.

    The best source of information on how to deal with a slowing (or bad) market from a recruiter’s standpoint is in Steve Finkel’s terrific hardbound book “Breakthough!” I now have the totally revised and up-to-date 2008 edition,but the two full chspters on this and the two on getting new clients in the book saved my business life in the last recession.I am very glad,however,that he expanded those chapters in the new 2008 edition.

    He also has a remarkable new 5-volume CD series for manager’s entitled “Turbulent Times”, which is the accumulated wisdom of the industry on how to get a recruiting FIRM thrugh a recession.

    Most of the speakers and “trainers” in our industry have never been through a single recession in recruiting or at most were just working a desk in the last one. You wonder what they can possibly say in today’s market,given their lack of experience in anything other than boom times. Steve Finkel quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson in his book that “the years teach things which the days never know”. He’s right. Hard times ahead. I have 20 years in this business; I strongly recommennd the above two products.

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