Recruiters Have ADD, and Other Things Overheard at Bullhorn Live

“Before ’98/’99, you saw companies doing neat stuff and creating exciting environments with signing bonuses. It was pure recognition that companies needed to work hard to attract workers. Then the supply/demand dynamics changed and the ’employee of choice’ term went away. All that stuff is coming back again, and I think hiring communities are smarter now because they went through it. It’s kind of a shame they took the Foosball table away, so maybe it’s time to bring that back, too!” — Tom Bodeep, senior vice president, TRC Staffing.

“I’ve been a recruiter for only one year, but I love the recruiting industry. It’s about meeting people, closing deals, and having a birds-eye view of the community and what is going on with local companies. I’m like the keeper of the knowledge.” — Meghan Lee, account manager, Profiles.

“Unless you’re in the Bullhorn world, you have no idea what a tearsheet is. Tearsheets are like a Hotbook of your candidates. You can search tearsheets by keyword and have A lists and B lists. It makes a difference, especially when people within our company are out on vacation. It’s a mentality of getting people to understand that. ” — Melissa Rosen, Director of Recruiting, Bartech Group.

“Recruiters all have ADD. ” — Danny Cahill, president and co-founder, According to Danny.

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“Bullhorn is a part of the Web 2.0 revolution. In contrast, the New York Times website is a good example of Web 1.0. We’ve been Web 2.0 before there was a Web 2.0.” – Geoffe Greene, Director of Software Engineering, Bullhorn.

“Under-the-radar passive candidates need to be squeezed for confidential reference checking. You have to make sure they really are A players. You have to say, ‘I can’t market you without an active reference, ‘ and ask them who they can really trust. You must set the perception that you need the information before marketing the candidate. The point is, most recruiters go by instinct, emotional decisions, and the ‘I like you’ approach.” — Jeff Skrentny, CEO, Jefferson Group, Inc.

More than 200 Bullhorn customers attended the recruiting software company’s inaugural conference, which featured training sessions, customer best practices, and networking opportunities.

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