Recruiting Robots and Other Trends in 2025

Robots might be filling in for most service workers by 2025? A new report says robotics technology will be far enough along to take over for many low-skill jobs and beyond.

Check out “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” by the National Intelligence Council to read up on these and other concepts of a new workforce. It offers long-range strategic thinking about the military and economic challenges the U.S. will face from other countries over the next 17 years. Some highlights from the report:

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  • Robots could fill some healthcare jobs and provide care for the elderly.
  • These machines could disrupt unskilled labor markets and affect immigration patterns by taking over some jobs now performed by migrant workers.
  • The report predicts widespread use of “human cognitive augmentation technologies,” otherwise known as wearable devices that can help improve vision, hearing, and memory.
  • Asia, Africa, and Latin America will account for virtually all population growth over the next 20 years; less than 3% of the growth will occur in the West. Europe and Japan will continue to outdistance the emerging powers of China and India in per capita wealth, but they will struggle to maintain growth rates because the size of their working-age populations will decrease.
  • An exception to the aging of populations will be the United States.The report says we will experience higher birth rates and more immigration. The number of migrants seeking to move from disadvantaged to relatively privileged countries is likely to increase, the report says.

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