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While focusing on a specific job category is one approach to finding candidates, honing in on a geographical area is another route to take. Whether you’re recruiting for a company in your own backyard, or seeking to fill a faraway position, regional job sites can serve as roadmaps. While most job boards include location search options, regional sites list or link only those jobs that are specific to a particular area. Using these sites you’re more likely to connect with candidates who either live in the place where the job is based or who are seeking to relocate to the region. Washington, D.C. Baltimore Metropolitan Area Regional Job Search is a resource for the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. metro region. With a “Career Gateways” section that includes the categories “Newspapers & Magazines,” “Newsgroups & Others,” “Professional Associations,” “Government Resources,” and “Other Career Resources,” there are endless avenues to travel when looking for candidates in and around the nation’s capital. “Professional Associations,” for example, includes an alphabetical listing of career-related associations. Here you’ll find a wide variety of places to explore. Organizations such as the “American Advertising Federation,” the “American Astronomical Society,” and the “American Society for Engineering Education,” are among those listed. A location is indicated for each association, and all locations are in the Washington, D.C. metro area. For each association, “Career Services” are also provided. Services vary depending on the association. “The American Advertising Federation” offers internships, while the “American Astronomical Society” has a job register. The “American Society for Engineering Education,” on the other hand, offers career and employment information. Each association listing links to a website. While “Career Gateways” offers places to both post jobs and search for candidates, under the heading “Employer Websites” you can list your organization and provide a link to your website and job openings. The well-defined categories (“Private Companies, “Non-Profit Organizations,” “Colleges & Universities,” “Health & Medical,” and “Government Agencies,”) are designed to facilitate a candidate’s job search. On the part of the employer, they help ensure an optimum number of visitors. is a regional job board serving both North and South Carolina. The “Search Jobs” feature at the site allows a candidate to enter the name of a specific city, as well as a distance from the city in miles. A “Standard Search” is also available. In addition, job seekers can select the “Employers” category. A list of employers is returned. Selecting a company from the list returns a profile of the organization and information about job openings. When you post a job at ClickCarolina it also gets posted at, Careers, and Pricing is available on a per-job or by-the-pack basis. Complete packages include job listings, resume access, and company profile pieces. The site also offers banner advertising. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> If your search for candidates takes you to the West Coast, is a site worth investigating. Offering free links if certain criteria are met, the site serves the greater San Francisco region. In addition to linking to employer websites and job listings, BayAreaCareers makes this option available to area recruiters. Choosing a city from a location list leads to a secondary site for that city. There, under “Find Employers,” a job seeker can view an alphabetical listing of area employers. For each employer, a brief overview is provided, along with a link to the section of the company Web site where job openings can be found. Tri-State Jobs covers the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. With a “Job Search” feature that includes an option to return jobs in “All Tri-States” or one of the three states, a candidate can narrow his or her focus accordingly. Another filter at the “Job Search” page allows for job postings returned to be restricted to specific timeframes. “Job Type” can also be selected. This category includes “Permanent or Contract” employment options, and offers seven different “Contract” timeframes. The site offers employers two different options. A “Monthly Membership” package includes “Ad Posting,” “Resume Search,” an email service known as “SmartMail,” and a “Company Profile Page.” “Ad Posting Only” is a per-ad charge and includes no other services. Banner advertising is also available. There are many other regional job sites, including some that are industry-specific., for example, is a site for information technology professionals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. In addition to a job board, the site offers several other ways to connect with candidates. Selecting “Regional IT Events” leads to the “JobCircle Calendar of Events.” Details regarding various industry functions are provided, some of which you may wish to attend if you’re recruiting for IT professionals in the region. Under the heading “Career Center” you’ll also find a number of worthwhile categories. “Educational Facilities” and “Training Centers” both list places to search for candidates. Likewise, “Societies and User Groups” contains an extended listing with links. While content varies and may run the gamut from a job board to a full-fledged career portal, regional job sites offer the opportunity to confine a search to a particular part of the country. By using these sites, or others for a specific region which you can find using Google, you’ll be that much closer to candidates…and placement success.

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