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RehabCare, an outsourced provider of physical rehabilitation patient care, has launched a new blog which provides information and communication opportunities to college students and those interested in the rehabilitation profession. In answer to the talent shortage in the allied health profession, the company has been building undergraduate pipelines and actively garnering interest among college students over the last two years. By providing career information and resources for prospective: physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and other rehabilitation professionals, the company hopes to keep its 10,000 clinician positions filled.

“It’s still too early to say how many people we’ve hired because of the blog,” says Barbara Wallace, assistant VP of Campus Relations for RehabCare. “We went live with the blog in August, and what we have noticed is that we’ve had increased traffic to our Web site and there are more searches being conducted on our job postings.”

Given the technical savvy of today’s college students, Wallace says that creating a blog seemed like a good way to convey the company’s branding and recruiting strategies to Generation Y students.

“Our goal is not merely to recruit students; we want to provide a complete employment resource which includes providing information about the profession and how to transition from being a student to being an employee,” says Wallace. “The blog fits into our strategy, because it was one more tool that could use to offer information about the profession.”

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Wallace says that initiating the blog was a relatively low-cost venture. She hired a consultant to advise her about the best practices for initiating a blog and most of the start-up and maintenance costs involve the cost of staff time dedicated to writing content. When compared to the cost of paying for top placement on search engines or the cost of classified advertising, Wallace says that so far, the blog has been a much more cost-effective way to drive individuals to the company’s Web site.

“Our candidate pipelines are really years deep, because we’ve been reaching out to students who are just beginning college,” says Wallace. “Given the depth of our pipelines and the newness of the blog, we haven’t been able to develop any hard numbers yet linking actual candidates to the creation of the blog. But, based upon the Web traffic increases thus far and the testimonials we’re getting from faculty members, we’re very excited about it and, over time, we’ll be able to monitor the results and track those back.”

Leslie Stevens writes for human capital and business publications. She was a senior manager in the staffing industry for more than 20 years and understands how talent acquisition contributes to the bottom line. She likes it when readers share their opinions, innovative ideas, and experiences about overcoming obstacles while fighting the global talent war.


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