Replay of Neil Lebovits on Fordyce TV

Here is the video replay of the first appearance (we hope the first of many!) by Neil Lebovits on Fordyce TV.

In his dynamic presentation, Neil discussed the “real” perm fee negotiation secrets you may have never thought about. He shared the concept, closes, analogies, and potential scripts that can go along with it. He also took time to answer viewer questions at the end of his presentation.

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For those of you who missed the live presentation — or those who want to view it again — enjoy the show!

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2 Comments on “Replay of Neil Lebovits on Fordyce TV

  1. Neil,

    Just a couple hours after the webinar, I received an incoming marketing call as a response to an MPC email that I had sent out. I incorporated what you described in the webinar into my marketing presentation and it worked very well. Bottom line, search agreement has been sent and 10-12 job orders are ready for me to fill!

    Thanks a bunch,

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