Report: U.S Falling Behind Talent War, Immigration Changes Needed

A new report looks at U.S. immigration policies, compares them to Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Singapore, and the UK, and says changes are needed to keep America from falling being in the global battle over skilled employees.

The PDF comes from a group called the “Partnership for a New American Economy,” whose leaders include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The group says the U.S. needs more young workers, and more science-math-technology types. It suggests, among other things, awarding more visas to graduates in science and math; awarding more green cards based on the needs of the American economy; and letting companies and local governments hire more people from overseas. More here.

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3 Comments on “Report: U.S Falling Behind Talent War, Immigration Changes Needed

  1. Or we could start investing in programs to entice more US students/workers to obtain STEM related Degrees. Since they are in such high demand what better way then to start a Federally funded program combining donations from STEM heavy companies like Google, Facebook, Zinga, ect. to provide free grants to students looking to obtain STEM degrees. If you build it they will come!

  2. @ Jordan: Well said. Also, a commitment from such companies to hire the qualified grads from many universities and not just those from top tier and elite schools.
    $64G question why does the number of STEM grads stay so low in the U.S, and why so few studsents interested in the various areas within STEM? Is it the “nerd factor”?


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