Revving Up the Engines: Look Smart Offers Geographic Searches

LookSmart is a bust as far as search engines go. It indexes less than a million pages. But, it has two distinct databases – one designed with you in mind. LookSmart understands the importance of geography on the Web, a medium that knows no boundaries, and so lets you find passive candidates in 65 towns and cities across the U.S. Go to LookSmart and choose the “Your town” tab. Select the city where you need to find candidates, and click. Then, look at the categories in the left column which include: “People and Chat,” “Home and Family,” “Society and Politics,” etc. At first, it seems that diving into “People & Chat” might provide some decent leads. After all, its subcategories include online communities, people finders and personal homepages – all potential sources for passive candidates. No such luck though. The online communities appear to be hobby specific. The homepages are alphabetized by name with no way to search them. On the other hand, if you’re looking for IT people, the category “Computers and Internet” appears to be a gold mine, leading one to consultants (both corporate and individual), software specialists, and as a bonus – organizations. No, LookSmart doesn’t provide a huge index; its local database is a directory rather than a search engine, but? It does give the recruiter who is limited to a particular geographic area access to people, pages and companies in that location. All just a few clicks away. Next Week: Revving Up the Engines – Bulls Eye

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