Rookie Training 101: Pick Up the Phone and Sell

Greg Doersching’s voice bellows in a session at the NAPS 2008 annual conference entitled “You May Be a Rookie….but It’s Time to Bill Like a Veteran.”

The session is packed with both rookies and non-rookies (admitted Doersching groupies who admit his style works).

“People like doing business with people they like,” he says, common-sense wisdom that has enabled him to become a top producer and international trainer.

The strategies you need to employ if you want to produce over $500,000 like the industry’s elite is actually quite simple, he says.

“Have a personality, have some fun, be yourself, and have confidence with what you are doing,” he says.

There are certain key phrases that people respond positively to over and over again. When you discover a phrase that works, memorize what you said and say it again!

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“Don’t predict the outcome of the call before you make the call,” says Doersching. “Make the call; don’t play it in your head!”

Also, try to find candidates who are motivated by something other than just the money.

Use this strategy and “it means we’re making a lot more placements with a lot less rollercoaster, amnesia, and a prescription to Pepto Bismol night after night.”

Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.


4 Comments on “Rookie Training 101: Pick Up the Phone and Sell

  1. Great thoughts. Does anyone have any magical phrases/questions that people seem to respond positively to? I’m indebted to Peter Leffkowitz for “Can I make a suggestion?” — always gets a “yes!”

  2. Steve,
    To avoid having to send the resume to the HA, try this: “Let me ask you – have you ever interviewed a candidate that looked great on paper, only to find after speaking with them that they werent so great?”
    It wastes your time doesnt it?” They always say “yes.” (Its great to get 2 minor 2 yes’s before the close)

  3. Steve Krauss wrote:

    “I’m indebted to Peter Leffkowitz for “Can I make a suggestion?” — always gets a “yes!”

    Not so. You may have heard it from him, but he purloined it without attribution from our industry’s leading trainer (direct published quote from Paul Hawkinson) Steve Finkel.You can find it on Mr.Finkel’s DVD series on overcominmg objections and closing , “Book More Business”, the same as Leffkowitz did.

  4. Steve, thanks so much for the warm comments.

    Also folks, if you do a little googling and try to find out some details about who “Ron Tarver” is….you, as so many of my students have, will determine that Ron is not Ron. There is no Ron Tarver. It is alas, an alias for Steve Finkle himself, who has so very simlar themes running through his posts on

    I genuinely feel sorry for him and wish he’d use his amazing talents to rebuild himself rather than tearing down others.

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