Royal Dutch Shell Grows, Airline Staffing Slows

Royal Dutch Shell has extended its contract, started earlier this year, with Intellecor, the human capital management firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

As part of the expanded contract, Intellecor expects to increase the resources assigned to Royal Dutch Shell by an additional 75% over the next six months.

Under the contract, Intellecor says it will recruit professional-level engineering and related management positions in support of Royal Dutch Shell’s work in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada. In fact, Shell Canada expects to hire 1,800 new employees before year’s end.

“Our strategy for Royal Dutch Shell will rely heavily on traditional headhunting methods,” says Intellecor president and chief executive officer John Hamilton. “Due to the unique requirements of each position, we identify candidates based on direct experience and location. This guarantees a shorter learning curve to benefit Royal Dutch Shell.”

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While Shell’s oil is a bubbling hot industry, other industries are bearing the brunt of record-high fuel costs. Take the travel industry, for example.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the airline industry is set to suffer its biggest wave of job losses since 2001. In order to cope with high fuel prices, the travel industry expects to cut more than 36,000 jobs. Most of the cuts will occur after the summer flying season ends, according to industry trade group, Air Transport Association of America.

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