SAP Working With Danish Firm to Hire People With Autism

sap-logoI’ve talked before about efforts to employ people with Asperger’s. But perhaps no Autism-related effort will be bigger than one announced today by SAP, simply because SAP, with 200,000+ customers, is just so big.

SAP says it’ll be hiring autistic software testers, programmers, and data-quality-assurance specialists. It’s going to do it through a partnership with Specialisterne, a Denmark-based firm operating in Europe and the U.S.

SAP had used the organization, where a majority of employees have autism or a related diagnosis, to do a pilot project in India and Ireland. U.S., Canada, and Germany will be on the docket next.

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Specialisterne Founder Thorkil Sonne says “SAP is the first multinational company to partner with us on a global scale.” He expects others to follow its lead.


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  1. Thanks, Todd. I commend the efforts of SAP and Specialisterne to provide meaningful employment and get quality work done. I am on the Board of The Specialists Guild (, *which also trains and hires people of the Bay Area ASD community, and provides software and product testing, graphic design, and data entry services at competitive rates when compared to off-shored projects. I hope other organizations do the same.


    *Yes, I AM blatantly promoting/advertising this org.

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