Science-Math-Tech Site Offering New Info

We talked in September about companies supporting the U.S. effort to recruit 100,000 science, technology, engineering, and math teachers in 10 years. Neddy Perez, a diversity VP at Ingersoll Rand, let us know of another site expanding this Wednesday, November 30: STEMConnector.

Officially it’s launching at 2:30 Eastern time in the afternoon November 30, but you may find much of the site live now. It’s essentially a big database of who’s doing what when it comes to STEM education and careers. There’ll be profiles of corporations, foundations, non-profits, women’s/diversity groups, and other profiles. Later, in 2012, expect information on the supply of technical labor, broken down by state.

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We mentioned Ingersoll Rand — it’s among the site sponsors. A few of the others are Lockheed Martin; CSC; KPMG Foundation; Peabody Energy; National Grid; Raytheon; Kraft Foods; Aerojet; Southern Company; the EPA, and NASA.


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