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Here are a few tidbits about companies, many of them startups, in the HR and recruiting field, from college recruiting to sales recruiting, from sourcing to onboarding. Read on.

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  • You may not have heard (I hadn’t until September) of a company involved in finding sales talent: info here and here.
  • You may also not know seedRef, for bulk reference checks. It’s self-funded, with two employees (expecting to have five by years’ end), and currently having sales calls with national staffing firms, as well as growing startups and companies. The company compiles character reports based on references from former managers, supervisors, coworkers, and direct reports.
  • HelloHired is a “new platform that enables progressive startups to easily and affordably showcase their jobs.” It’s $14 a month.
  • LeoForce tells me it will unveil something called the Recruiting Robot at a conference this week, Staffing World. The company says it uses “… behavioral pattern analysis to track recruiters’ interactions with the LeoForce recruiting software and automate those actions — remembering what worked and repeating it.” In other words, the “robot” concept is a sort of artificial intelligence in recruiting, where, for one, the system can screen and send you better candidates over time based on which candidates you’ve liked and hired in the past. The company has 20 employees, half of them in engineering, is privately funded, and has six customers.
  • If you’re looking for a new buzzword — and onboarding and offboarding aren’t enough — there’s now preboarding … technology that’s part of a product renamed Vibe HCM. I chatted with the parent company, called cfactor, this week at an event in Las Vegas called the HR Technology Conference & Exposition.


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