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Dear Barb:

I have been producing in excess of $300,000 for the past six years. I just can’t seem to increase my production; this year, I’m on track to produce only $270,000. How can I turn this around? My clients are just dragging their feet on every candidate I submit, and candidates are so much pickier than they were just a few months ago.

Frances P., Akron, OH

Dear Frances:

Over the years, I’ve seen this happen to many experienced recruiters. This could be the result of many things including the following:

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  • Not upgrading your client base so you are representing the best companies in your niche or area of specialization;
  • Not identifying new sources for top talent;
  • Not having a strong referral program for both candidates and clients;
  • Your attitude.

Clients don’t drag their feet when you present rock stars. Review the quality of person you are presenting. I’ve also found that candidates don’t drag their feet when you present opportunities that address their hot buttons. You need to step back and see what you can do differently versus looking for excuses why your production has decreased.

Motivate yourself by setting goals for yourself and the people you love that can only be attained if you dramatically increase your production. Track your stats and ratios, and focus on increasing the number of send-outs you book (first interview between a candidate and a hiring authority). Obtain interview times, a target date to fill, and understand the problems occurring as a result of each job order you write. Turn off your automatic pilot, determine the 20% that provides you with 80% of your results, and do more of those actions. Reignite the passion you once had for this profession and you will be pleased with your results.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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