Settle Down To Business: Conducting An Educated Search For Talent, Part II

Last time we discussed using popular search engines, such as AltaVista and Northern Light, to look inside college and university servers in an educated search for talent. By examining graduate schools and universities, we discovered it is possible to find numerous links to candidates with the specialized skills you desire. Yet searching by a particular degree is not the only way to look inside a college server and find potential employees. Another way to find people is to include a source company as a keyword in your search. When looking for finance talent, for example, you might decide to target the nation’s top business schools looking for alumni. Including a source company in your search of those schools’ servers can quickly put you in contact with qualified alumni who are actively using their expertise in the field. To conduct a search using a source company, we again need to find the domain name of the particular college server we have chosen. To find the domain name drop the http://www from the URL in the college’s Web address. Let’s say you are looking for candidates in the Massachusetts area who work for Fidelity Investments. It is a safe bet that at least some students from schools in Massachusetts continue to remain and work in the region. Boston College and Boston University thus provide two options for our search. Their domain names are: and respectively. To search through Boston College’s server first go to the “Advanced Search” page at AltaVista. In the “Boolean query” field enter AND “Fidelity Investments” AND alum. Unfortunately this query results in only one link, but it is one we can use. The page is an August 1999 link to alumni notes. Among these notes, we find a name and e-mail address for a 1998 graduate who is currently employed by Fidelity. An AltaVista search of Boston University’s server (substitute for in the example above) also yields a page of alumni notes. In this instance, the individual is a 1990 graduate who was formerly employed by Fidelity but now works for Thomson Investment. Exploring these contacts and conducting further searches will no doubt widen your options.

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