Shally Steckerl – CEO

Shally Steckerl started his career in technical recruiting in 1996 and has experience consulting with and building sourcing organizations at many Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco Systems and Motorola. From early in his career he has developed techniques that dramatically increase recruitment productivity and allow companies to exploit the Internet. He has been teaching those techniques to staffing leaders since 1998. Shally is a proven leader in the development and implementation of Best Practices in Centralized Sourcing and research organizations.

Mr. Steckerl is the Founder and Chief CyberSleuth of JobMachine, Inc. ( the premier provider of sourcing consulting services and research training. During his time with Microsoft he managed the research arm of their global centralized sourcing and research team. Previously, he consulted at Google where he built a central sourcing organization that produced 100 hard to find female Engineering hires per quarter in extremely demanding, technically advanced disciplines.

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The advanced methods he practices and teaches have been replicated throughout many large corporate organizations worldwide. With ten years of experience in all aspects of Recruiting, Shally is capable of assessing, teaching, mentoring and implementing successful global Recruitment methods. Because of his passion for the Internet as a recruitment tool and his continually innovative methods, Mr. Steckerl has developed a reputation as an authority in Internet search, and a pioneer in recruitment research. An accomplished author, consultant and trainer, Mr. Steckerl is a frequent contributor to many industry forums and speaker at leading conferences.


4 Comments on “Shally Steckerl – CEO

  1. 1.) Too bad Shally cannot be paid a royalty based on the value he has created for the companies with which he has worked. Not sure where the industry would be without his contributions.

    2.) He’s obviously a smart marketer, too: “Sourcing in 10 mins or less” is powerful USP. Very Dan Kennedy.

    3.) Re: LinkedIn – 900K recruiters is one helluva big market. I had NO idea. Jason Davis, word up.

    4.) Shally’s comments at 14:45 are excellent. Would you play a golf course with just a nine iron? Not if you wanted to win! Use every club in the bag, depending on the situation.

    Harry Joiner

  2. You do realize that shally sells a service that lets his clients link to your network on linked in and he charges the client 10k You see none of it and are never aware of it.

    Read his OTHER company’s product offering to HIS clients.

    Yes, he is innovative, but the reality is that any other big biller knows Shally’s tricks. Sally packaged them and sold them (good for him) but you should check out his website before you think he is gods gift to recruiting and that he isnt trying to link to you just to cut you out.

  3. To the spinelessly anonymous “Not a shally fan” – just one point of clarification, before you go accusing people of things it may be a good idea to do a bit of research. I don’t own or have anything to do with I once did a webinar ABOUT them, a long time ago (and it was free for anyone to attend including you) but what I want to clarify is that H3 is not my product. Please don’t go around misinforming people.

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