She Blinded Me with Science

Okay, so you’ve purchased the required lab coat. But before you begin searching for candidates in the sciences, you may still want to gain a general understanding of the position for which you’re recruiting. While there’s probably no need to put your job description under a microscope, the vast scientific world actually encompasses several fields and it helps to know how to classify your candidate. Are you looking for a biologist? A chemist? A scientist is a scientist is…not. Some websites include a variety of science jobs, but others are very specific. As always, in the great online laboratory, there is much to be discovered. Fortunately, a little focused research can go a long way toward finding potential candidates. Not A Giant Lizard, Just A Giant Site Established in 1994, MedZilla is the original site of its kind in the scientific field. “Jobs is exclusively what we do,” says CEO Dr. Frank Heasley. He points out that, unlike journal and association sites, people visiting MedZilla are seeking to connect strictly for employment purposes. And seeking they are. Healey puts site traffic at about 70,000 visitors per month. With approximately 3,000 active candidates at any given time, Heasley says all resumes at MedZilla are original to the site and are put there by the candidates themselves. According to Heasley, candidates who post at MedZilla tend not to post elsewhere because of the level of confidentiality and service they receive. Here you’ll find biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, medicine and healthcare professionals at a site that is streamlined and user friendly. There are currently about 5,000 jobs at the site, a number that Heasley says keeps going up. MedZilla offers employers job posting services that includes up to 100 postings online for a monthly fee. A resume service, which provides unlimited access to selected resumes, is available for an additional fee. Once an account is established, resumes can be downloaded or delivered via email. You can get a good idea of what the site has to offer in the way of resume searching by entering keywords in the “Search Candidates’ Resumes” box at the homepage. Although contact information is not provided, candidate summaries are returned. Keep in mind that, as with all searches, the more specific your keywords, the more accurate your match at MedZilla. A recent search for “biologist,” for example, returned 126 items, while a search for “microbiologist” brought the number down to 94. A job seeker’s search is also simple at MedZilla. Entering keywords in the “Search Open Positions” box at the homepage returns a listing of open positions. Selecting an item from the list returns a job description, along with the opportunity to apply online by completing an “Application Form,” which basically consists of a letter and resume. A Chemical Reaction While MedZilla includes a wide range of jobs in various scientific fields, including positions in chemistry, American Chemical Society (ASC) Chemjobs is a service provided to society members. With 161,000 members in 34 different disciplines, ASC is the largest association for chemistry professionals. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> ASC features a job bank, which enables employers to connect directly with its members by posting open positions. Employers initially advertise in the publication Chemical & Engineering News, and jobs from the two most recent issues are then posted at the website. According to Matt McCloskey, recruitment advertising manager for Centcom, the advertising management company used by ASC, jobs on the Web are refreshed every Monday. Each Monday, 50 to 60 new jobs appear, says McCloskey, indicating that jobs stay online for a total of two weeks. There are approximately 120 highly targeted positions available for member access at any given time. Among the 18 areas of specialization by which a job seeker can search are “Agriculture/Food,” “Chemical Engineering,” “Nuclear/Radio Chemistry,” and “Pharm/Med/Clinical.” ASC also offers the “Online PDB,” a professional data bank of personal profiles and “cut-and-pasted” candidate resumes that can be searched by employers. According to Kemie Smith, a programmer assistant for online and career services at ASC, there are currently over 8,500 resumes available in the database. Employers may sign up to access these resumes by paying a daily, weekly, monthly or annual fee. Smith says ASC currently has 39 active employers utilizing the database. From Cyberspace To Face-To-Face In addition to its online job services, the association also sponsors “ASC Clearing Houses.” Held at annual and regional meetings, these events include career services workshops and symposiums and are intended to provide job seeking members and prospective employers a chance to meet in person. While there is no magic formula for finding the ideal science professional, by using the appropriate online resources you’ll be more likely to locate the candidate with the right chemistry for your open position.

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