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Even with all of the buzz, many of us are still trying to figure out how to best use Twitter and all of its potential. One of the companies paving the way for us is JobShouts.

JobShouts was the brainchild of founders Robin Eads and Michael Quale of Tampa, Florida. Robin, a longtime recruitment professional, knows from a functional perspective what recruiters and job seekers are looking for in a site and posed the question, “How can we build a site that offers true value vs. the astronomical costs for traditional job boards that are not necessarily providing value for the investment in capital?”

Mike, being a very savvy technology professional, was able to translate that idea into a tangible site that has seen exponential growth since its inception at the end of January 2009. It is the first true job posting technology available on Twitter and has seen over 2,400 jobs posted in roughly 90 days by such companies as Microsoft, GE, PayPal, KPMG, JPMorgan Chase, and Google — just to name a few.

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Recruiters will appreciate the simplicity in posting their positions. There is no cost and no registration involved, just a simple email verification from the JobShouts site for first-time use. Then recruiters can post their positions, which in turn will be “shouted out” to any candidate who has a matching profile, as well as being blasted out to JobShout’s followers — currently more than 3,700 of them and growing. Candidates can then use the link provided to submit an application, which goes directly to the recruiter’s email. The only apparent downside at this point is that many companies would prefer to have applicants go directly into their applicant tracking system, but JobShouts recognizes this and is working on advancing its capabilities to allow for seamless application to the companies’ ATS, along with a premium service tool that can go to each companies site and extract all of the postings for them, eradicating any manual efforts.

JobShouts also provides very low-cost advertising space on its site for companies that would like to maximize the attention JobShouts is getting. Since its inception, JobShouts has gained a tremendous amount of media coverage, being featured in prestigious publications such as the LA Times, NY Times, the Tampa Tribune, and FOX News, as well as, Washington Business Tonight, and Bay News 9. With the increasing popularity I think we may have found a truly innovative use for Twitter as a recruitment tool.

Mia Degere has 13 years of experience in consulting to Fortune 500 companies, staffing agency leadership, as well as corporate recruiting and leadership experience. Her most recent role was in Acquisition Leadership at American Express in New York City. Specialties include: ERP's, Process Improvement, Workforce Planning, and Pipeline Development and Communications Strategies.


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  1. Huge thanks for writing this article, Mia! JobShouts relies solely upon word of mouth at this point and it’s professionals like you talking about us that makes it happen. Say no to Monster! 🙂

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