SHRM Members to Gain Access to Single-Post Service

As early as next month, members of the Society for Human Resources Management will have access to a new job-posting feature that its developers say is a response to the decentralization of the job-board market.

Developed by JobTarget, the service offers a new job-posting center that will allow SHRM’s members and site users the chance to do single posts and/or connect to their existing job-board contract sites.

Ethan Bloomfield, VP of sales operations at JobTarget, calls it “a one-stop shop” for recruiters to post job openings and likens it to the “open source” of job postings.

“This whole system is a response to that decentralization trend. We are growing and surpassing old strategies as people look for new ways to attract high-quality talent,” says Bloomfield.

Indeed, industry analyst Peter Weddle has observed that the majority of recruiters use an array of sites to expand and focus their reach into the workforce population.

In his research, he noted that recruiters “are posting their openings at general purpose employment sites (that serve all professions, crafts, and trades) and a growing number of niche or specialty sites (that serve a specific career field, industry, location, or affinity).”

New London, Connecticut-based JobTarget, which provides the technology for more than 1,000 online job boards, is providing SHRM a completely branded product of the company’s recently launched OneClick service. Bloomfield, who joined the job-board management company full time in January 2007, says the new service is set to launch sometime in August.

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“You can post to virtually any job board on the Internet, whether we power it or not. On the system, there are about 1,500 listed, or about 500 more than we power. In addition, a service allows them to type in the name of the site they would like to include,” he says.

JobTarget breaks its system down into the following three categories:

  • In-network. There are no additional fees for in-network sites that Job Target powers or has developed a relationship with (i.e., The fees are determined by JobTarget’s in-network job board; this essentially means recruiters only pay what the particular job board (i.e., Monster) charges per post.
  • Out-of-network sites. JobTarget has a list of these sites but not an existing relationship. It will take care of the posting for a small transactional fee (about $10 per post). For the next 30 days, the company has waived fees for out-of-network postings.
  • Unlisted sites. This gives recruiters the ability to add their preferred job-board website by typing in the URL. The service charge would be about $10 (waived for the next 30 days).

Bloomfield says other vendors, such as eQuest or Arbita, provide a good service but are not all-inclusive. “This is the first time it’s self-service,” he adds.

JobTarget, which will gross between $15 million to $20 million this year, says it has plans to work with ATS providers in the future, though no partnerships have yet been announced.

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