Rolling the Dice With a Big Booth at SHRM

“You cannot not be here,” NuView CEO Shafiq Lokhandwala says, laughing at the double negative, about SHRM. NuView, an HR tech vendor, doesn’t get many leads here, but feels like it’d look bad if it didn’t show. The company is growing by about 70% a year (and may ask for funding in the coming months if it decides to grow even faster); a significant amount of its new business is global work, and it recently signed Hill International. Hill has offices in Iraq, UAE, Saudia Arabia, and elsewhere … About half of NuView’s clients get the recruiting module … The 5,200-square-foot Jobing booth (shown) is reportedly the largest booth in SHRM’s history; Oprah wasn’t in the booth, just the next-best-thing … Says Scot Melland, Dice’s CEO: “I find it amazing when companies spend so much money on a trade show booth” … Melland says 70% of Dice users are employed, a metric he’s convinced compares favorably to Monster and CareerBuilder; Dice “rarely runs into HotJobs” at all, he says … Dice will change its site to a more content-and-community heavy version in about a month (now in beta) … Yahoo HotJobs says its new Smart Ads offering, which delivers targeted job ads to candidates as they surf the web, is achieving 5 to 10 times higher click-throughs than typical post-n’-prays … Todd McCormick, president of CareerBuilder’s Recruiter Business Unit, says Yahoo HotJobs has, in theory, an awesome opportunity to capitalize on its data on consumers (i.e. job candidates), but, he asks, “is that stuff accurate?” … McCormick says users often sign up for Yahoo and give little to no thought when identifying their profession or other demographic data … more on product announcements and on the popular Monster charity promo

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