Sign of the Times?

I passed my local library last night, and I took a few pictures of the display in the front window.

When the local library is pitching in to help people find jobs, I see it as a sign of the times.

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2 Comments on “Sign of the Times?

  1. David,
    It’s good to see your library has reasonably up-to-date reference books. To this list I’d add “Bulletproof Your Job” by Stephen Viscusi, “Smart Networking” by Liz Lynch, and The Age of Heretics” by Art Kleiner. If you’re in marketing/adv/sales “The Brand Bubble” is an excellent read. Oh, and THE book to read the day before you interview: Oasis in the Overwhelm by Millie Grenough.

  2. It is interesting that my company supplies software for Libraries all over the US and internationally and they usually do have job boards that link to different government, both state and local employment sites.
    It is a sign that we, as a country, need to change our mindset and start using our initiative to create new products and new markets just like we have done for the last 50 years. One main problem may be that the Government, and I do not care who is in the offices, is either intentionally or unintentionally trying to “fix” everything by throwing money at it and that only exacerbates the whole problem. In times like these, businesses fail and people have to adapt. It is hard, mean and it is our system that will right itself unless it is forced not to.
    Now I am old and I lived through the 70’s with real unemployment (16%) , lines for gas, and 18% mortgage rates to buy a house. Even then, my Father, who had savings at a bank, was happy because a savings account made 11%! Many cannot imagine having to wait in line for Gas and only being able to get it every other day but it is true and it has happened and we lived through it.
    We do need to do something but sometimes that something is just to be positive and keep living our lives. Our economy will work itself out.

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