Six “Pink” Career Lessons

Ok, I’m prepared to take some heat for this post.

First of all, the videos are making some of you crazy. If that’s you, feel free to move on – no offense taken.

Actually, this isn’t a video – it’s slides. But yes, the slides are full of what might be referred to as “shallow ideas” and touch-feely cliches. However, I’m just simple enough to believe that I can take some of this information and share it with the Millennials I recruit. I believe it will make sense to some of them.

Sure, we can nit-pick this thing to death. And, I’m sure we will. For goodness sakes, there’s plenty to nit-pick: it’s “184” slides long!

So, here’s my warning:

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– Don’t click on slide 1 unless you are prepared to click 183 more times (however, it really is a fast click-thru)

– Don’t check out the slides if you don’t like touch-feely with a few ol’ fashioned cliches thrown in for good measure

– Don’t watch this if you can’t stand not-so-subtle hints to buy this guy’s book

– Do watch this if you are vaguely familiar with Dan Pink and willing to mull over a few of his ideas

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4 Comments on “Six “Pink” Career Lessons

  1. Absolutely the most valuable thing I did not have to pay money for this year! And better than many of the things I DID pay for. GREAT slideshow.

  2. Outstanding slideshow. It wasn’t just full of terrific information, it was entertaining, funny, graphically pleasing . . .I could go on. I’m buying book for both my kids and passing this on to others, who I’m certain will do the same. Many thanks.

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