Slideshow: 100 Most Influential Executive Recruiters

Business Week has expanded its list of the 100 most influential leaders in our field and turned it into a slideshow-style article.

Among other things, we learn that Ignacio Bao, chairman of Signium International, says “Surround yourself with great people –people who play to win the right way, by the rules,” while Linda Bialecki, president of Bialecki Inc., says “Have a personal board of directors with two or three strong mentors among them. Learn from their collective wisdom and never underestimate the extraordinary power of networks.”

Finally, Peter D. Crist, chairman of Crist Associates, who focuses on the C-suite and board of directors, reminds us that “You are never as smart as you think you are.”

Article Continues Below

Skim through the slideshow and see what pops out at you, or if you don’t want to watch the slideshow, Business Week also provides the expanded list of 100 leaders in list-form.

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