Social Media: Myth and Reality

Is the conventional wisdom about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn really true? Is social media time-consuming, or easy to manage and quick to do? Are people looking for jobs, or are most folks just “passive” candidates?

Autodesk’s Matt Jeffery and I talk about these issues and more.

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4 Comments on “Social Media: Myth and Reality

  1. Todd- Watched the VIDEO (excellent)…. I personally am visual, and consume video more than text/blog posts…. Thanks for having the “vision” of what the future is in my view, VIDEO (You Tube #2 search engine in world). Best, Brian-

    P.S. Major takeaway… “timing is key” building relations now, for future prospects. (This kicks most people out who want to make a buck/success now, and have no vision for future)

  2. Todd – I really like the video format.

    There is some great information in this video. I definitely agree with Matt and Brian’s comment above, timing is everything. By creating your Talent Network through social media channels and opt-in databases, you’ll be able to engage and interact with candidates and ensure that you are top of mind when they are ready to look at new job opportunities.

    I also agree that the onus of keeping these social profiles fresh should not be placed on one person but a team. The key though is that you need to think about the core message, tone and strategy you want these profiles to have when you are engaging with candidates so it’s consistent (although different styles and opinions on a blog should be encouraged.)

    Great post!


  3. Todd,

    Excellent discussion! The dialogue format is very engaging, and I appreciate that you and Matt didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on every point. It’s helpful at times to see two (or more) sides of an argument to really help US solidify our own thoughts and opinions on the topic.

    When it comes to how time consuming social media is/should be for recruitment purposes, I agree with both of you, even though you see things a little differently. A social media strategy should be just that – a strategy. A company shouldn’t enter the social media waters half-considered and needs to bear in mind that relevance and activity (or lack thereof) in a social medium can have an impact on the company’s image. I also agree with Matt that delegating certain types of participation across many appropriate individuals within an organization – with someone assigned as monitor/controller/manager – can ensure that the process doesn’t become overwhelming.

    Again, thank you for putting together and sharing this wonderful and informative discussion!


  4. Interesting use of video.The conversation format between two people worked well compared to using a video with just one person talking.I guess I will have to try a video on my blog someday.

    As for the subject I had to laugh when you suggested having staff member help with all the posts , comments and tweets. I am a company of one and I have to do all these chores in order to keep up with social media. It is very time consuming.

    I agree we need to use these tools to engage with our audience and establish long term benefits. I don’t see any short term use of twitter for filling positions. Most of the people I recruit are not on twitter or following me. But when I combine my efforts with my web site, facebook, my blog and twitter I do see a difference in terms of my presence in the search engines. I know for a fact my last two clients found me through a search of the web. I can always find candidates for my positions. I am more interested in new clients.
    Thanks for the conversation

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