Sodexo Launching New Recruiting Application for Smart Phones

Sodexo is launching two things: a new mobile-friendly careers site, as well as a job-hunting application for U.S. job seekers to use on iPhones, iPadsAndroids, and soon Blackberries. Candidates can use the app, available from a landing page, to search for jobs, apply for jobs, join a talent community, get job alerts, and learn more about working for the company.

What makes it not just-another-mobile-recruiting-launch is, for one, that it’s Sodexo. The company earned the 2010 recruiting department of the year award; is a finalist this year in the best-brand category; and is a leader in recruiting with social media. Also, candidates who create a profile in the Sodexo career center can apply for a job straight from the mobile device; this differs from many other setups, where companies need candidates to eventually get to their laptop or desktop to apply.

Sodexo has been helped by a company mentioned before called “AllTheTopBananas.” The British firm has been landing some major mobile-recruiting customers — though not all; for example, one highly regarded corporate recruiting department I’ve been talking to went with Broadbean.

Among Sodexo’s challenges in creating the app were its long-standing emphasis on providing a different experience for new job-seekers, alumni, and current employees. When someone from Sodexo posts a job to the applicant tracking system, they can say that it’s for internal viewing only, internal viewing and alumni viewing, or external. Current and former management employees will use a login ID to get access to 10-30% more job openings than your basic external candidate.

From the first meeting to the final approval by Apple for the apps, it took about eight months to make the app. It took several months just to deal with issues relating to “SSO” — Single Sign On, the company system where an employee uses the same log-in password as they do with any other company system.

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Even before this relaunch, Sodexo’s mobile careers site was getting about 40,000 page views monthly, representing about 9% of the visitors to Sodexo’s career site. About 40% were coming from Android devices, about 26% from iPhones, 15% iPads, and 8% RIM phones.

Sodexo’s talent acquisition VP Arie Ball will talk about the company’s development of the mobile phone application March 29 in San Diego.


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  1. Hi guys, It was a great pleasure to have supported Sodexo on building their Mobile Career Apps. I hope you can take the time to download it and give it a try. Just one thing I would like to point out is that in the Article it states that….

    “Sodexo has been helped by a company mentioned before called “AllTheTopBananas.” The British firm has been landing some major mobile-recruiting customers — though not all; for example, one highly regarded corporate recruiting department I’ve been talking to went with Broadbean.”

    Just so you are aware, we provide the Mobile App technology behind their service. So, if you are a Broadbean customer and book an app through them, you can still expect the same high standard of App that we have produced for Sodexo.

    Many thanks from

  2. Congrats Sodexho! We too built our app through Allthetopbanas/Broadbean and have tens of thousands of candidates that stay in touch with us via the BlackBerry and Android apps. Thanks Arie, for not discounting BlackBerry, still 75 million customers around the world to reach 🙂

    See everyone at ERE in San Diego.


  3. Interesting. Who are the people in Staffing responsible for keeping in touch with the “mobile applicants” i.e. for “mobile applicant candidate care”?



  4. Hi Keith,
    Great question! Every effort has been made to seamlessly integrate the mobile candidate into our established hiring process. With the help of our ATS partner, candidates that apply via a mobile device appear side by side with those that apply through a PC and receive the same level of service from the recruiter and support team involved in our process. Technical issues are similarly handled through the same process and with the same resources allocated to our pre-existing career center portals.

    Hi Kat, Thanks for your comment. We’re looking forward to the launch of the BB app which is currently under construction. Wouldn’t dream of discounting it! I look forward to seeing you at ERE!

  5. Thanks, Arie. What people take care of the folks that apply through the mobile apps (and elsewhere) to make sure their application process is professional and possibly pleasant?
    Is it a recruiter or is it someone in support?


  6. Thanks, Arie. I’m glad to hear that Sodexho has a strong commitment to candidate experience. ISTM that it might be better to have routine candidate care handled by outsourced $3.00/hr virtual Candidate Care Reps than by the internal recruiters. This could maximize the recruiters’ time performing high value-add services which couldn’t be effectively outsourced.

    Happy Friday,


  7. Great to see some good work being done in the mobile channel. There were some very good tracks at the TRU event just recently on looking at the best and worst of mobile recruiting . Dave Martin put up a good blog post (

    At 4MAT we have spent a long while on our mobile web product for our clients and have really tried hard to focus on an experience fit for the channel, whilst ensuring that it still provided a linked and consistent experience moving between the mobile and desktop sites. Although we are still in early days of our product journey for these sites, we’ve had great feedback from the sites launched so far. See and via a mobile, also see launched just very recently.

    There’s definitely more that we will be doing in this space in the near future and it’s great to see others similarly doing great work here too.

    Also, although from last November – potentially of interest is a Mobile Report 4MAT did based on a survey of all the recruitment sites we host:

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