Software Analyst Likes What He’s Seeing From Workday

wd-logoYou might remember that Workday, best known for human resources technology, is moving into the $1.3 billion recruiting technology field.

At least one analyst is pleased about that. That analyst, Brendan Barnicle, is bullish on Workday’s move into technology used for sourcing, workforce planning, onboarding, managing internal and external candidates, and posting jobs.

Barron’s says that “Barnicle thinks Workday may be helped by what appears to be lessened competition from Taleo, which was bought by Oracle, and SuccessFactors, which was bought by SAP, both of which have been prominent vendors of recruitment software.”

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And Barron’s quotes Barnicle saying, “Through channel checks, we have heard that Taleo and SuccessFactors are far less competitive than they were as independent companies. All of Taleo’s senior management and most of its sales personnel have left Oracle. Lars Dalgaard’s recent departure from SAP may make it only more challenging for SAP to remain competitive. SAP is likely to lose talent and focus in HR.”


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