Solutions to Recruit Technical Women

Hunter College president and IBM's GM of North America Bridget van Kralingen

A new report’s out about recruiting technical women. The document is from a not-for-profit called the Anita Borg Institute (which appears to be putting on a May 10 workshop on recruiting high-tech women … heck, stay in town a week and you’ll see us in Mountain View).

Anyhow, the 50-page PDF called “Solutions to Recruit Technical Women” includes case studies from Cisco, IBM, Intel, and Intuit, and also some good appendices listing how many women receive engineering and other degrees from various colleges.

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  1. Great job bringing this to everyone’s attention Todd. Definitely one of the more content rich studies on a subject that needs more attention.

    The strategies here make a great checklist for internal conversation. The tactics…not so much (but that doesn’t detract at all from the excellent value this whitepaper offers.)Focus on the initiatives your firm can best leverage and develop your own ‘how to’ given the infinite tools set available.

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