Some Of The Best Things I Did As A Recruiter

1. Bought Billing Power and Shut Up And Make More Money – Both by Bill Radin

2. Subscribed to the Fordyce Letter – Shameless plug but it’s true

3. Started buying recruiting related domain names in 1997 – I haven’t stopped

4. Started a blog for the semiconductor industry – made many placements from it.

5. Subscribed to zoominfo way back when it was called Eliyon

6. Tried my hardest always to understand what a candidate’s minimum acceptable starting salary was

7. Got through a Steve Finkel Video Series called High Profit Management – One thing jumped out which stuck with me a very long time and saved me boat loads of frustration- I’ll write a post about it soon

8. Tried never to sound like I had to make a deal while talking to a candidate – Yes, I certainly was in a position many times where I just had to make a deal.

9. Organized a real niche splits group called – Not in service anymore though I still have many great relationships as a result.

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10. Constantly spending money to create little recruiting software applications. – I never publicly launched any of them but it helped along a certain way of thinking about the recruiting process.

What are some of the best things you have ever done as a recruiter to help your business? Point form is ok. I know if you’re a recruiter, you’re probably busy.

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