Speculation Continues That Amazon Is Eying the Recruiting Technology Field

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.18.22 PMFrom the tight-knit rumor mill of recruiters and others in the field from around the world comes talk that Amazon wants to dip its toes into some sort of recruiting technology service.

One of the first times this was mentioned publicly was October 28, when Nick Gallimore posted a comment speculating online about it on ERE. Gallimore’s a UK recruiter who specializes in the “natural language” field.

Jim Stroud, whose long experience helping companies with sourcing includes stints with Bernard Hodes Group and now Randstad Sourceright, has also floated the possibility.

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In a podcast, he talks about how Amazon could enter the recruiting-tech field: you buy a guitar, and you have a chance to hire a guitar teacher. Perhaps Amazon (which hasn’t commented to me) would handle the billing and take a cut of the loot.

Want any more clues? Check out this ad, posted on LinkedIn, for a job at Amazon. The job could involve solely work for Amazon’s own, internal recruiting — or not.


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  1. Thanks Todd. Very interesting. Amazon is certainly well positioned to do cool things in this space. And the ad you link to is definitely thought provoking. Everyone invested in future TA technologies should be taking a hard look at current machine learning technologies and systems. AI is at a real inflection point and promises to be as disruptive to current recruiting paradigms as the internet has been over the past couple decades. In fact, in my opinion, applications with machine learning engines at their core could be much more disruptive to the average recruiter than the internet has been. And not just in terms of research but, rather, as truly full lifecycle recruiting solutions. We’re not quite there yet but some of the current R&D is putting this technology on the cusp of being able to go right at the heart of recruiting. The scalability and cost savings of these systems will shift a lot of work in that direction even if success ratios on any given recruiter/candidate interaction are initially lower.

    Doug Friedman
    LinkedIn Profile

    1. True, but I hear they’ve hired a few related people with roles that sound like they could have non-in-house responsibilities; I asked my source about that and he says: “it would be very strange for them ‘not’ to productize something like that.”

      1. I hear what you are saying, but I’d still bet it’s just in house stuff. In fact, I’ll bet you a beer and a steak that it will be the end of 2015 and they will have nothing for external use.

        Side topic, the biggest “mover and shaker” in recruiting for 2015 will be Glassdoor. I have no idea how, but their positioned for it.

        1. Yes on Glassdoor – intl expansion, IPO, Will Staney’s hiring like nuts. I also think the companies like Hired and Recruitifi and that genre (there are others doing something similar) could be hot in ’15. Appcast too.

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