Stalking the Future

If you’re hoping to trim your cold-calling and candidate marketing, but you are looking for ways to supplement the ways you are meeting new executives, consider stalking them!

Well, not by the Law&Order definition of stalking. But showing up in unexpected places where you know certain executives like to gather certainly can’t hurt, according to Frank Risalvato, who addressed the crowd during the Fordyce Forum. He gave some great tips to generate money and step out of your sales mode.

So what are some of your targeted executives’ extracurricular activities? Done well, your appearance at a charity or fundraiser could be a true win-win. It can not only put you in contact with targeted individuals, but it might also serve as a great source of unexpected candidates and opportunities. (And, it should go without saying, donating your time or money for charity is another benefit for your community!)

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Just remember there is a fine line between genuine interest and annoyance. If you use this “back-door” strategy under false pretenses, don’t be surprised when you are shown the door.

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