Stock Exchange Using Soft-skills Screen

The New York Stock Exchange will be using a new hiring tool from a company that’s launching today and is backed by a million dollars in angel funding. Charles Handler is among the advisors to the firm, called EmployInsight.

In short, here’s how it works.

A team of people — a couple managers, for example — who have a job opening quantify the soft skills needed to do the job. What they’re doing is building a profile of what they want, based on who the person will report to, where they’ll be located, what the job’s like, and more. “Resilience” and “grit” and “emotional intelligence” are examples of soft skills that’ll be measured in the profile.

Then, they have candidates answer questions which capture their soft skills. The two are compared. Employers receive a ranked list of who’s the best match (“match” being a word that ERE junkies may find familiar).

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NYSE Euronext is rolling it out as a hiring tool, but EmployInsight also will have versions for such uses as team building, self-improvement, and performance reviews. The NYSE will likely use it as a “first-step” tool in screening to winnow down an initial pool. Other organizations perhaps will use it as a later step, such as after pre-screening and before an interview.

CEO Sean Glass became interested in the human resources field while pursuing a psychology master’s at the University of Pennsylvania. The company currently has nine employees.


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  1. Hi Keith,
    We don’t price on a per assessment basis. We offer an annual or monthly subscription to the product. We’ve had a couple discussions with customers about pricing on a per job basis, and we’re open to that. We don’t want to price on a per assessment basis as we think that gathering the data should be free. We don’t want a customer having to make the decision of whether it’s worth the cost to ask a candidate to build their profile. Making assessment data useful (matching, job profile collaboration, etc) is where we think the real value is. Feel free to reach out to us directly – sean(dot)glass (a) employinsight (dot) com.

  2. Thanks Sean. I’m wondering if a mom-and-pop hardware store could use your tool to hire a good PT bookkeeper, or a struggling start-up to find a decent mid-level SWE. I’m looking for assessment tools that are: effective, easy to use by the untrained/harried/clueless, and affordable to the “99% businesses”. Maybe in this case “two outta three ain’t bad (or all you can get)”.


    Keith “Wants to Try All Types of Recruiting Tools” Halperin

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