Succeeding In A Diverse World Requires A Diverse Workforce

In a global economy, America’s multiracial, multiethnic population may very well be its biggest asset. With a vast array of languages, cultures, and customs, the United States is in a unique position to capitalize on a marketplace that knows no geographical boundaries. Yet, in order to realize the potential of the worldwide arena, a concentrated effort must be made to utilize the contributions of all citizens. While some companies are addressing this issue head on, others simply wait for qualified applicants to appear and then select accordingly. There are, however, many reasons for taking a pro-active approach when it comes to diversity. Not only will you speed the process of readying your organization for world competition but, as with the search for all candidates, by implementing an aggressive recruitment strategy you are more inclined to find the best and the brightest. Diversity Employment There are many Web sites focused on bringing qualified candidates from underrepresented populations and employers together. One of these sites is Diversity Employment. Here there are several ways for employers to reach candidates. In addition to job posting and resume searching options, the site offers opportunities to hold mini-job fairs and virtual job fairs. The “Mini-Job Fair Service” is designed to draw additional attention to a company’s job postings. A small logo/link is placed on the site’s home page, which leads to a one-page company summary. The summary includes a commitment-to-diversity statement and includes links to jobs posted in the database. Diversity Employment’s “Virtual Job Fairs” include, among other things, hyperlinks to a corporate Web site and a resume forwarding service. Recruiting Reports on Latin America While Diversity Employment is more general in scope, is a site focused on people who speak Spanish and Portuguese. Selecting the “Find Employees” tab at LatPro leads to a page where you can find out how to access resumes, post jobs, and join a discussion group. Under the heading “Visit Our Latin HR Info Center” there is a link which leads to “Special Recruiting Reports on Latin America.” Selecting it and then “Human Resources Americas” will take you to a page where there are a number of articles that pertain to recruiting multilingual candidates. The Minorities Job Bank: A Nation of Villages The Minorities Job Bank is a broad-based site that is sub-divided into mini-sites called “villages.” With an “African-American Village,” an “Asian-American Village,” a “Hispanic-American Village,” a “Native-American Village,” a “Minorities’ Global Village,” and a “Women’s Village,” Minorities Job Bank strives to create communities that serve various segments of the population. Each virtual village contains articles and information for job seekers. The material may also be of interest to recruiters trying to attract specific candidates. From each village, as well as from the home page, a person can reference the job bank. Selecting “Search Jobs” enables a job seeker to browse listings in a number of ways. In addition to the ability to search by location, job category, and/or keyword, there is also access to openings by employer. A list of open positions by a specific company can be viewed by entering a company name in the “Search By Employer” box. Or, if a letter of the alphabet is chosen from the “List Employers Starting With This Letter” category, a list of corresponding companies is returned. Choosing a company from the list then leads to open positions for that company. “Employer Profiles” can be accessed from the job bank, from each village, and from the home page. An organization profile typically provides an overview of a company, a statement regarding diversity, a link to the jobs the company currently has listed with Minorities Job Bank, and a link to a company’s Web site. There are many opportunities to reach candidates at Minorities Job Bank. Selecting “For Employers” from the home page leads to information about advertising, including banner ads. Diversity: Read All About It Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc. publishes diversity recruitment magazines. Equal Opportunity, Woman Engineer, Minority Engineer, CAREERS & the disABLED, and Workforce Diversity For Engineers And IT Professionals are all places where you can connect with candidates. Although complete publications are only available offline, you can get an idea of each magazine’s content by visiting EOP. Selecting a specific publication from the home page leads to a main page for that magazine where you can access sample articles. Some of these articles include names of people, their titles, and places of employment. Each magazine’s page also contains information regarding print advertising. Advertising in one or all of the offline publications gives a recruiter access to the EOP online resume database. Another site resource is “Career Fairs,” a general job expo section, which is accessible from every publication’s page. This calendar of events provides date, location, and sponsor information, as well as links to sponsor sites. There are many online resources to assist you in diversifying your workplace. A recruitment plan that includes attention to diversity will not only ensure that you are utilizing all America has to offer; it may also position your organization for a success that, like the new world, knows no boundaries. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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