Survey Results Reveal the Battles of the Recruiting Stars

Recruiter Infographic - Final (1)Remember that old show from the 80s, Battle of the Network Stars? You know, the one where every week C-grade TV stars like Patrick Duffy, Melissa Gilbert, and Scott Baio competed against one another in a giant obstacle course? No? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Ahem. Sorry, I’ll just check my AARP card at the door.

No matter, we all know what an obstacle course is, right? Dating back to the ancient Olympic Games and now a common component of everything from military training to family picnics, the obstacle course confronts competitors with a challenging series of, well, obstacles. Comprised of activities such as running, jumping, crawling, climbing, and oftentimes getting really, really dirty, the obstacle course has endured as one of the most demanding physical challenges ever developed.

You may be asking, what in the world of Morgan Fairchild does this have to do with recruiting?

Well, today’s recruiting landscape is no less challenging than some of the toughest obstacle courses out there. With increasing strategic importance placed on talent acquisition and HR groups, a raft of new social and mobile technologies to choose from, the rise of big data and recruiting analytics, and the ever-elusive chase for the optimal candidate experience, even today’s most hardened Tough Mudder may run the other way.

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With that in mind, we recently teamed up with Kelton Research to survey recruiting professionals on a variety of topics to examine the components of the “Recruitment Obstacle Course.” The above infographic reveals some of the survey’s findings, demonstrating the many battles of today’s recruiting stars.

If faced with this, Scott Baio wouldn’t stand a chance.

Alison Shurell is chief marketing officer at Jibe, a leading provider of recruiting technology solutions. Before joining Jibe, she was chief marketing officer at Radisphere, where she built and led the marketing strategy and function for the company. Prior to Radisphere, she was VP of product marketing at Intralinks, where she led the successful launch of the company's life sciences business, overseeing global product positioning, go-to-market strategy and market analysis.


3 Comments on “Survey Results Reveal the Battles of the Recruiting Stars

  1. Great infographic. I’ve used nearly all of the major ATSs over the years, big and small, and they are horrible at integrating – if they integrate at all.

    The big systems are unwieldy and the little systems are not customizable, with the heads of the companies who run the smaller systems (who have no little if any corporate recruiting experience) telling actual recruiters what they do and don’t need, and acting as “experts” in blogs and being quoted in news stories – and rarely if ever allowing recruiters to help make their products better.

    One recent ATS I dealt with told me that I couldn’t give anyone on the hiring teams access to the candidate notes – unless I made them all administrators! It was massive bureaucracy just to get them to add this basic permission, and completely ensured that I’ll never implement them for any future customers.

    Then there are the systems like LinkedIn who gouge businesses for the cost of a Recruiter membership ($5-10K per year, per person, for any reasonable level of access) and then, while they’re making millions off of recruiters, claim loudly that they’re not here to help recruiters. Their UI is awful – so much that people like myself are constantly training people how to use their website – because it’s built so non-intuitively.

    There has got to be a stronger partnership with experienced recruiters (not agency recruiters – their needs are different than corporate) and ATS companies in developing systems that support and customize easily to the unique needs of the wide variety of recruiters out there.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Aimee. I work alongside Alison here at Jibe and have to say that you nailed it on several points. The reason we conduct surveys like this, and spend as much time as we can in the field with our customers and partners, is to fully understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. We don’t pretend to know exactly what they face, which is why we constantly get out there to learn where their pain points are. Our solutions are developed in close coordination with the corporate recruiting market so that we can offer tools that actually help them overcome the challenges they face every day.

    And yes, I too remember Circus of the Stars… nothing better than Dick Van Patten on the high wire! Thanks again for your comment.

    Oh, and you can get a copy of the full report at, or if you’re at ERE in Chicago, come say ‘hello’ and get a copy at our Booth, #121. Thanks!

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