Take SourceCon’s ‘State of Sourcing’ Survey

sourcecon-logoAs ERE junkies know, SourceCon is owned by ERE Media (which also owns TLNT and the Fordyce Letter).

In case you’re not already a SourceCon reader, SourceCon’s focus is on all things (you guessed it) sourcing. Last year, it conducted the first annual “State of Sourcing” survey. The results were shared on SourceCon and at the 2013 Fall SourceCon conference. In preparation for SourceCon Fall 2014, you can take the survey and help build a picture of what has changed during the last year. 

Who Should Take The Survey?

Anyone who is involved in sourcing candidates for jobs should participate in the survey (this includes recruiters, sourcers, and leaders from internal recruiting departments of large corporations, third party search firms, RPOs, etc.).

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Some of the things we will learn:

  • How are sourcers and recruiters compensated?
  • Do employees of RPOs make more, or less, than their corporate peers?
  • Do virtual workers make less than those who commute to the corporate office every day?
  • What sourcing tools are recruiters and sourcers using today?
  • Do people who interact with hiring managers earn more than those who only present candidates to the client-facing recruiter?

Click here to complete the survey today! Sourcecon’s Jeremy Roberts will let you know what the results say about the sourcing field at the fall SourceCon conference in Denver.


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