Talentral Says It’s the End of the Resume as We Know It

talentral_logoThe end of the resume? I know, I know — you’ve heard that one before.

The latest company to proclaim such a thing is Talentral, launching today. It’s a platform for people to showcase their expertise, skills, and accomplishments. What Kamyar Faron, the founder and CEO, tells me is Talentral’s biggest differentiator is how search-engine-optimized the profiles on the site are. So recruiters searching for “Big 4” or “Deloitte” or other terms will be more easily able to find people, even if, say, the candidate didn’t work at Deloitte but worked at McKinsey, a company you’d be likely interested in if you were originally searching for someone with Deloitte experience.

Faron says the company’s next phase will involve building multimedia job postings for employers.

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Among some other companies I’ve heard about recently that are either new, growing, or that you just may not know of yet:

  • SkillPages, out of Ireland, is launching a much-improved way to search its site this September/October.
  • An interesting and different new take on assessments and simulations comes from Challengage. Instead of giving one person a simulation-style assessment on their own, you put a group through a customized game, observing people’s “soft skills, personality, and cultural fit.” Ernst & Young is doing a campus-recruiting-related pilot this fall.
  • Zopaf is a new app for salary negotiation.
  • Cazar, makers of a recruiting technology system called Sniperhire used in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and nearby, is now setting up shop in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.


8 Comments on “Talentral Says It’s the End of the Resume as We Know It

  1. Thanks Todd. Talentral sounds like:
    “Do not take Talentral while driving, sitting, standing, or lying down. Do not take Talentral with alcohol, food, water, other beverages, or on an empty stomach. Women who are pregnant, wish to become to pregnant, or are born from a woman who was once pregnant should not take Talentral. If you spontaneously combust while taking Talentral, please consult your physician.”


    Keith “I Coulda Told ‘Em, but They Didn’t Ask Me” Halperin

  2. “Talentral Says It’s the End of the Resume as We Know It”.

    Sorry Talentral, but you’re wrong! Resume will still be around 20 years from now and all experienced recruiters realize this. Companies need to see job skills and experience in chronological order and the best and most comfortable way to see this is with a resume. I have been recruiting for 25 years and I have seen the death of the print ad, the birth of the internet and in that time, nothing has, or will, replace the resume.

    I applaud Talentral for trying to change the world but it won’t happen. Not in the near future.

  3. I’d desperately hope that the resume as it now is won’t stay. There are so many efficient ways to explore the actual skills & competencies of a candidate – why should we need poor indicators like a CV or a cover letter? They are only old traditional crutches on the way to learn more about the candidate’s skillset.

  4. Talentral is following a path blazed by those like us (HRMC). We are part of growing group that believe the resumes’ place is not at the beginning of the selection process. Since ’93 our automated interviewing has successful created short lists. 40 million times applicants have started without their personal marketing documentation (resume).

    Welcome Talentral to the good fight!

  5. I agree with Paul. At the end of the day, they all want the resume. Even more so now. It is almost like, “okay, now show me what you have REALLY done.”

  6. @ Saundra and Paul: Well said.
    I wonder if we will see the large-scale replacement of resumes by something else about the time we see the large-scale replacement of job descriptions by something else?


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