TalentSpring Asks, ‘Is That Resume Hot or Not?’

A new service is filling the “voting void” that will leave many an American Idol fan in withdrawal once the current season ends.

Instead of judging singers, however, TalentSpring is a new online job board that uses a peer-rating ranking system to vote on resume quality.

Other job seekers rank the resumes, with each resume sorted to allow for a “best-to-least qualified” ranking in industry-specific job categories including marketing, sales, finance, and computer programming.

The company says relying on users to review and then vote on pairs of resumes from other individuals in their field of work is the best way to get an objective analysis of others’ experience.

For example, voters are shown a series of resume pairs. With each pair, the voter is asked which of the two candidates is best suited for the job category they are being ranked for. This “merit score” lets recruiters scroll through candidate resumes in a high-to-low ranking.

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Founder and CEO Bryan Starbuck says the service expedites the process of identifying top-tier job candidates by eliminating the time-intensive process of sifting through each resume received.

“We pick out the sharpest needles in the resume haystack so that our clients can move quickly in securing the best candidates available,” he says.

Prior to starting TalentSpring, Starbuck worked at Microsoft starting as a developer and growing to manage development efforts in Windows Vista and Windows Live.

The Redmond, Washington-based company is currently offering 30 days of free service to recruiters and employers, through July 1. The service is free for job seekers.

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  1. Here is how our model benefits recruiters:
    – Recruiters can subscribe to a Monday & Thursday email.
    – The recruiter enters the job categories that they are trying to fill. This email will only be sent to the recruiter when new resumes are entered that match the recruiters job categories.
    -It will also only send the candidates when they rank in the 25% of their industry.

    This mean recruiters will only receive the email when top resumes that match what they are looking become available.

    We have more details on our blog: http://blog.TalentSpring.com/

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