Tech Hiring Isn’t Going to Get any Easier This Year

infographic_tech_hiring_v5.0Hoping for a break in recruiting tech professionals this year? Not much chance of that, says the IT career site Not only is there no sign of a letup in tech hiring, the evidence is that recruiting IT professionals is going to be harder than ever. surveyed hiring managers and recruiting professionals to find 73 percent of them report their companies plan to do more hiring of tech workers in the next several months. Nearly a quarter of all the survey respondents told Dice their tech hiring would be “substantial.”

Lured by more pay, the number of professionals switching jobs is growing. More than 40 percent of the survey respondents said they’ve lost tech staff in the last six months. That compares to just over 30 percent who said that in the spring survey. The No. 1 reason for the job changes: pay, reported three-quarters of the survey participants.

Making clear just how challenging the recruiting environment is for companies seeking tech workers, almost 6 in 10 said they’ve had to leave to positions vacant because of their existing salary guidelines. And a third of them have had offers rejected.

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A Computerworld survey a few months back found that programming/application development tops the list of skills that will be most in demand next year. The 2014 Forecast survey named developer and programmer job openings as the most difficult to fill.

After that, demand will be heaviest for help desk/technical support jobs. Networking, mobile app, project management, database admin, and security round out Computerworld’s survey list of the jobs that will be hottest in 2014.

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3 Comments on “Tech Hiring Isn’t Going to Get any Easier This Year

  1. Tech recruiting is challenging. So many companies competing over a small group of talented developers. I work with Mighty Spring ( and many companies have told us that they’ve found it useful for passive candidate sourcing.

  2. One way to help combat employee turnover down the line is to conduct a thorough interview process. This isn’t to say that you should bring candidates in 4, 5, or 6 times, but the make the few times that they come into the office worthwhile.

    This is best done by preparing before the interview. And no, that doesn’t mean to spend 20 minutes Googling “good interview questions,” it means that you should prepare a strong list of interview questions well ahead of time so each interview you conduct is uniform.

    One of my colleagues, an I/O Psychologist, put together this list of ten effective questions for customer-facing tech talent. Perhaps you could incorporate these questions into your next interview.

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