The ABCs Of Sourcing Law Job Candidates

The first step in sourcing legal candidates is to have a clear image in mind as to what the ideal looks like.

What qualities does the top candidate have that make them stand head and shoulders above the rest?

In the legal industry in particular candidates are likely to have all the qualifications, training and experience specified in a job description, making your task a little harder, as you have to sort through each suitable applicant to find the one with the right personality and work ethic to fit your client’s firm.

Patience is your closest ally in recruitment; it will keep you open to finding the right candidate when the first applicants seem almost perfect but not quite on the mark.

Dedicate time to learning about the firm you are hiring for, how they operate and the type of legal professionals they already have working within their company. This will be a good indication as to the type of candidate you should be keeping an eye out for on the job market.

You will be able to modify the search strategy you use on recruitment databases, social networks and search engines to accommodate the qualities outlined in the job specification, as well as the knowledge gained through visiting the firm. Take steps from there to further adapt your search until you have a high volume of relevant results to work with.

Go beyond the CV

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Remember that there is more to a candidate than is visible on a CV; not everyone is a CV wizard so there may be experience or skills an applicant regards as irrelevant that you will be able to discover by speaking to them.

Ensure that you utilise social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter where candidates may include more information about themselves, their experience and their skills that they could not incorporate or fully express in their CV. LinkedIn in particular gives candidates the opportunity to show some of their personality within a professional setting, giving recruiters valuable insight into who they are putting forward to their client.

Who is your top legal candidate?

Each law firm will value different strengths, skills and experience in a prospective employee. A legal recruitment agency will ease this task by building strong relationships within the legal industry, making solid connections to boost their existing talent pool. Having those established connections at your fingertips will ease the process of successfully placing a desirable legal candidate.

Jordan Southern is a junior recruiter for BCL Legal, an award-winning legal recruitment agency covering the UK. BCL has worked with some of the UK?s most respected businesses to source some of the best candidates for a range of roles in this sector. As well as all things recruitment, Jordan enjoys cooking new recipes for friends (with varying degrees of success!).


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