The Bugle-r Call: Sumser Announces New Owner at Interbiznet

John Sumser, editor of, announced on Tuesday that after 14 years with, he has plans to shift to a contractor status and reduce the amount of writing on the website.

Sumser currently pens The Electronic Recruiting News, a daily newsletter on the recruiting industry, as well as The interbiznet Bugler, which includes news on recruiting partnerships and products.

Sumser attributes this change with to his work with and Recruiting Roadshow, two projects that are “gaining sustained momentum and taking more and more of my time.”

In April 2007, Sumser was appointed as the executive editor for, replacing founder and editor Jason Davis.

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Colleen Gildea, his long-time partner, is the new owner and operator of

Sumser says his writing will still appear on the website but that Gildea “has her plans which I am sure she will unveil in the coming weeks and months.”

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