The Danger of “Automated Emailers”

How many of us have plugged in the key words of a search and gotten back results that EXACTLY matched what we were looking for? In the Internet Recruiting world this is an extremely rare occurrence. Why? Because many times we are looking for someone with a certain amount of years of experience, salary level or industry experience. Folks, this is what makes our job as a Recruiter necessary. Human eyes must review the resumes. I have reviewed several Resume Robots and while they are helpful tools they do not replace the need for a Recruiter to read and review a resume. A dangerous phenomenon is cropping up in the Resume Robot world and that is the “added feature” of “automated emailing” or what most consider to be spam. It works like this, you plug in your key words, and the ResumeRobot goes out and searches the Internet then automatically emails those resumes that matched the key words. The Recruiter has not even looked at the resumes and those candidates are receiving an email from the company about the job which may or may not (most likely not) fit the requirements or background of the individual. This type of “automated emailing” is like you putting in a key word search, getting back 100+ resumes and giving them straight to your hiring manager for review. The assumption is that your key words give you qualified resumes…THEY DO NOT. In the same sense you are sending hundreds of SPAM emails to candidates who may or may not be qualified when you engage in one of these “automated emailers.” This practice is dangerous to all Recruiters because:

  1. IT DIMINISHES THE VALUE OF DIRECT RECRUITER CONTACT – While the diligent Recruiter personally emails those who match their job qualifications, this email is now lost in the many emails from the other Recruiters who used an automated system. Thus the candidate is likely to delete all emails since the majority of them would not match their job qualifications.
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  3. IT DIMINISHES THE REPUTATION OF YOUR COMPANY – If you received an email from an organization that had not even looked at your resume because the job was not even close to your salary or experience levels you would most likely develop an unfavorable opinion of that company. With the importance of becoming an “Employer of Choice” this does not enhance that kind of reputation.
  4. IT DIMINISHES THE VALUE OF THE RECRUITER – If this system truly did work there would be no need for Internet Recruiters.

In short, this is not a very personal way of doing business and developing relationships, which is at the heart of every successful recruitment method. Personally emailing individuals after having reviewed their resume may take more time up front but will help you to find the ideal fit for your position.

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