the day after Valentines Day

As you can probably tell already I am a big believer in having a blog that is targeted to your industry. I always say that it will make placements for you. I keep pointing to I own the domain name but Dennis Smith is the recipient of all the placement money. It’s a deal we have that is paying off for both of us.

I did a search on google for recruiting and Valentines Day. The great thing about blogs is that Google for the most part starts indexing them quickly. As a result, a great Valentines recruiting post appears at the top. This sort of thing is important.

Tim Ahern ( I don’t know him) wrote this post February 13/08. It’s a great example of a blog post. It’s geared towards getting business. It shows he has a handle on what’s going on and that he talks to his clients.

If you can write an original post 2 times a week and then point to 5 interesting things twice a week, you can have the 5th, 6th and 7th day off and you will have a great blog.

intersting post # 1

interesting post # 2

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interesting post #3

interesting post #4

interesting post plug #5


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