The Fordyce Forum 2008

June 4-6 is what you need to mark off on your calendar. Next thing is to call your travel agent and book your trip to Vegas. And in case you need a reason to go to Vegas other than to have a good time, you can come to The Fordyce Forum 2008.

This will be the 2nd year that the third party recruiting industry can benefit from an amazing line up of experts who will be there to share their expertise on third party recruiting. Below is the list of speakers:

Jeff Skrentny

Jeff Allen

Doug Beabout

Mark Berger

Barbara Bruno

Stacy Ethun

Michael Gionta

Fran Goldstein

Amybeth Hale

Gail Kaplan

Jeff Kaye

Kim Knoll

Bob Marshall

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Joe Pelayo

Frank Risalvato

Karen Russo

Dave Staats

Shally Steckerl

Brian Wright

Link To The Agenda – Learn About The Speakers

The Fordyce Forum is designed for both seasoned and up-and-coming recruiting professionals who want to network and learn from the best industry experts. In particular, it’s aimed at the following professionals:

  • High performing search pros who want to fine tune their practice
  • Above-average performers wanting to become high performers
  • Practitioners who want to network with big billers
  • Owners/managers wishing to optimize their management skills

See you there.


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