The Fordyce Forum and the Fordyce Letter

If you’re here in Vegas, hope you’re having a good time and are getting useful information. I’m bouncing back and forth between Frank’s presentation and Michael’s presentation at the moment.

If you’re here at the Flamingo and you’d like to get more involved in Fordyce … whether it be writing for the Letter, speaking next year, or something else –  just stop me in the hall and let me know. I’d love to just hear about the topics you’d like to see addressed more often in the publication and on the site … as well as the topics you’ve heard more than enough about already.

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  1. I’m here at the Las Vegas airport and making my first post to the Fordyce Blog.

    I learned a very important lesson at the Fordyce Forum this week.

    That lesson is: MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR POINT IN 6 words or less.

    Turns out many people wanted to see my presentation … but were confused by the title.

    I met people in the elevator, during coffee around 8 am, and everyone tole me they couldn’t wait to see my slide show.

    The trouble was, no one knew that the title “Power of an Advisory Board” was the name of Frank Risalvato’s slide show.

    Yea … yea … I know. Even though my name was right below the title, attention span deficit made people walk on by BEFORE they read my name!

    I should know better. I’ve on Television. Radio, and know the importance of making sure the first paragraph of a resume makes the point.

    Next time I present THIS same slide show it will be called the following:


    Sounds alot better than POWER OF AN ADVISORY BOARD don’t it!?

    I live. I learn. I learned from The Fordyce Forum something that wasn’t even part of any presentation !!!

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