The Fordyce Forum – Over 123 So Far

I was talking to Dave Manaster yesterday and he let me know that there are 123 people who have signed up and will be descending on Las Vegas this June for the 2nd annual Fordyce Forum. He’s pretty excited about it. Last year this time, no one had signed up. There will be a lot of recruiters this year and a very good group of people leading conversations and giving presentations.

If you recruit people, and like hanging out with people and you want to tell recruiting stories, this is the place to be June 4th till the 6th . It’s at the Flamingo – Real low key – The way it should be, they have a little card room and the hotel is smack dab right in the middle of the Las Vegas action. I just stayed at the Flamingo for a couple of nights and it’s a nice place.

For me it’s a very exciting thing. I get to meet Paul Hawkinson for the first time. I have heard he is a great story teller and based on everything I have read of his, he has got to be a great story teller. I bet a new recruiter would make an infinite amount of incremental placements by spending 15 minutes listening to Paul talk about Recruiting. That may be a stretch but I don’t know. Then there are the people who will be talking about how to make more placements and how to get your fees up. Then there is Jeff Allen who really knows what he is talking about when it comes to placements and the law. It’s important stuff.

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You should check your calendar and see about making the arrangements to attend. I know it sounds like a salesman’s pitch but you know what? If you’re not serious about the business, you shouldn’t come. ( I know, a very bad take away)


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