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Is everyone getting ready to go back to school in Vegas this June? Pack those bags. Call your travel agent, tell whoever you need to tell that June 4-6, “I’m out of the office”

In all seriousness, you should look at your calendar, and go book your flights. The Fordyce Forum is just around the corner. June 4-6 at the Flamingo Hotel, there will be a ton of information flowing.

It seems to me that the barrier to entry to become a recruiter today with a fistful of candidates to call thanks to the likes of LinkedIn has never been lower. The thing that keeps recruiters in business is knowing what to do when it needs to be done. Every day, being able to locate technically capable candidates seems to be easier and easier. I know some people will disagree but I stand by it.

The point in all of this is that in June, the 2nd edition of the Fordyce forum is bringing a host of smart recruiters together and smart trainers together to talk about recruiting. The networking opportunity is something that in my opinion warrants the price of admission let alone the speakers at the show.

The Fordyce Forum



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changing topics for a moment but maybe not really, I have a friend that many of you may know named Bill Vick. Bill and I talk often and he has a great new site. It’s called XtremeRecruiting


Jon Bartos - Big Biller, Industry Leader

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2 Comments on “The Fordyce Forum

  1. Is it me? Or did the memo regarding “total lack of concern for any type of quality on blog videos” just not cross my desk?

    Sorry to rant – but please take this in a constructive way.

    Reading your post here Jason I thought Xtreme Recruiting would be something interesting to check out. I took a sip of my Starbucks and clicked. I was all ready for some “Extreme” recruiting when all I got was “extremely poor” video.

    I am referring to the very top video. Page 1. The premier spot. “Above the fold” as they say in other branches of media.

    Did anyone check that out before sticking it there as a representation of the quality associated with Xtreme Recruting?

    If so – it would surprise me. If not it would amaze me.

    Either way. Check out the audio about 2 minutes in.

    So then I find myself checking out Ben Somethingorother with a video of ERE Expo stuff. Is he adverstising the event for them? I sure hope not. Have you listened to that thing?

    Sorry to rant. Just thought maybe SOMEBODY involved with either of these 2 sites would want to know that “Yes – we do notice the audio sounds like &%#@” and it makes us (at least me) wonder who in their right mind would approve this kind of stuff.

    Or should we just not care about quality since it’s all “free”……?

  2. Sorry you were disappointed by it all. Bill Vick who runs is a friend of mine and he is taking a new direction with his site and those videos are done using skype and a webcam. Sure the audio is reflective of the tools used but that is in my opinion the great thing about what is happening these days.

    The video you refer to about Ben is not on that site but on my site called ( I think that is what you are referring to. Ben is absolutely not promoting ERE to the world but rather he is promoting ere, networking and his idea about how to get the most out of a conference to the membership of I liked that video, sorry you did not.

    The way people communicate and network online is always changing, there are always new tools. some people embrace it, some people stay way the hell away. Most people today I think stay way the hell away. I understand why they do. I also have a ton of respect for those willing to put themselves out there to be judged.

    if you want to talk more about it because you have lots to say about it I would really enjoy it.

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