The ‘Free Ride’ Is Over on Craigslist

I’m hearing that:

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  • Relink has hired a social scientist to better understand its customers, and has raised money from SEED Capital, out of Denmark.
  • Craigslist is adding fees in the U.S. and Canada, ending the “free ride.”
  • TalentRocket was listed as one of the top 50 UK startups, and is hoping it’s the one named No. 1, November 17.
  • Source Direction made it to a separate list of the top 50 startups.
  • Workomotion is launching, for executives.
  • MosaicTrack has finished integrating with ADP and is working on adding a Chatbot. For those watching the AI recruiting rush (think Watson, Fama, RAI, Olivia, and many others), MosaicTrack uses artificial intelligence to match both culture and skill by comparing resumes to job descriptions.
  • For restaurants, Jitjatjo (love the name) is launching.
  • is launching in Australia, or at least making it official.


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