The Latest on Kimberly-Clark’s Quest for ‘Original Thinkers’

Remember the hunt for “original thinkers” from Kimberly-Clark, from a year ago?

Part of an effort to make its workforce more innovative and creative, the company says that more than 40,000 people have taken the quiz and over 100,000 visitors have looked at the website. On top of that, 50 percent of those visiting the site or taking the quiz have gone to the company’s job board to search for jobs.

Kimberly-Clark’s now launching something called IdeaStorm. It’s a brainstorming tool — a method of problem solving and idea generation, based on the original-thinker styles unveiled last year.

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Kimberly-Clark is rolling it out to internal teams, though others can try it as well. It can be used solo or in a group, and both virtually and in person.


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  1. Thanks, Todd. Coming up with new ideas is easy- it’s getting them accomplished that’s hard.


    1. Agree…I’ll be interested to hear what comes out of this and how they manage all the ideas. I am all for innovation and ideas as a former Fortune 100 leader who overwhelmed people with ideas:-)

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