The Morning “Unconference” Session, By the Numbers

From this morning’s “unconference session” at the Summit, about “demystifying” social media recruiting and trying to figure out if it’s working.

0: Number of hands, of about 55 in the room at the time, that went up when asked who was satisfied that their social media recruiting is working right.

4: Approximate number of people in the room say they have a good handle on their cost per hire.

7: Approximate number of people who say their company has a “social media community site” now.

50,000: Purported number of contacts one contract recruiter took with them when their contract ended, leaving the company with a gaping hole.

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0: Number of companies that measure the ROI of Twitter, or how the time spent on sites like Twitter pays off in dollars, according to audience member Dr. John Sullivan.

50: Approximate % of SimplyHired’s traffic that comes from social networks.


2 Comments on “The Morning “Unconference” Session, By the Numbers

  1. It is clear that students are online. The problem is they are all over the place, and in spaces that are not ideal for the recruitment process.

    I have co-founded a company, that serves as a natural space for students and employers to engage with one another. By seeking, engaging and retaining talent, companies can receive a better ROI as well as a more lasting impression on quality talent.

  2. Todd – The challenges of measurement by source for recruiting has always been a challenge and isn’t unique to social recruiting. Its not about the medium and social recruiting but it is about how a company develops their strategy and what they’ve put in place to capture the data. Many companies are able to track the data as indicated through the pre Summit poll – which can be accessed here:
    (click on the more tab after taking the survey to see all results)

    There are certainly greater challenges when it comes to social media because it isn’t always a direct line back to recruitment. There are things companies can do to measure brand impact, another important benefit for social recruiting, and that’s where the opportunity comes in to better understand the total strategy for attraction and engagement.

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