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OK, so we all know a few serial Facebook-posters who can’t seem to pick up the phone and have a conversation. But assuming for the moment that being active on social media means you’re more social than not, the “most social” job is actually one of a recruiter.

That’s according to a study by a company called NetProspex. In short, its criteria was 1) The number of people with social media profiles on Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook using a company email address; and 2) The number of connections people had on those three networks.

The end result is what the company calls a NetProspex Social Index.

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Here’s what it came up with for the “most social” jobs (click graphic to enlarge).

Meanwhile, the survey also came up with a number of other fun lists, including:

  • The jobs most likely to use Twitter: creative and advertising, followed by finance jobs, marketing, CFO, CTO — with recruiting coming in ninth.
  • The most-social companies: the New York Times, Intuit, Juniper Networks, Adobe, Limited Brands, Cisco, Amazon, and Google.
  • The least-social industry: libraries, followed by Emergency Medical Transportation & Services, Mining, and Auto Parts.
  • The most social areas: Silicon Valley, followed by New York, Ventura, California, Austin, Texas, Stamford, Connecticut, Seattle, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Boston.
  • And the least social: Tacoma, Washington, and Honolulu.


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