The Recruiting-technology Startup World Is Still Untapt

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.36.51 AMIf you’ve seen all the recruiting software startups we’ve mentioned on this site the last few years, you might have thought that once 2015 started, the pace of new-business building might slow. There just aren’t that many new ideas left.

Yeah, right.

New companies are being created faster than you can say Job Fusion EdRepublic SpareHire Reachable Craft.

And two more companies are launching, including one called Untapt.

It wants to match software developers with banks, hedge funds, and other financial companies.

Untapt says companies can “identify, shortlist, interview, and hire candidates right through untapt.” The team behind the new site has experience at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Citibank.

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The other launch is Kinetics. Out of San Francisco, it’s a dashboard for managing applicants, resumes, and interviews. It has a little bit of everything: a place to take notes about interviews, get analytics about interviews, as well as career site integration.

Pricing is explained on its website.

Kinetics has six employees and is funded by angel investors.


4 Comments on “The Recruiting-technology Startup World Is Still Untapt

    1. I’ve seen a couple of those — for recruiting. Quite a lot of vendors are always omitted (understandably – there are so many). Let me think about it and talk to others.

      1. Seconding Sean’s request for a graphical representation of those companies that use data science & analytics for recruiting and hiring. Bonus points for one that breaks down these companies by unique strengths. Most of the companies’ websites are full of lots of vague statements, so I’m not even clear what makes them better than the others.

        Thanks if you can find and post anything, Todd.

  1. Thanks Todd. As always, I really appreciate you doing such a good job of bringing our attention to interesting new recruiting sites and applications. A couple that you mention here look really promising to me. And, as an investor, I have to say that I wouldn’t be holding my breath for the pace of TA tech startups to slow any time soon. Improved underlying cost structures make it much easier to roll out new technologies than just a few years ago, I say, bring them on! Anyone who doesn’t think there’s room for improvement in recruiting technologies is probably not actually using what’s currently available. There is a LOT of room for improvement and I’m glad to see so many people trying to do just that.

    Doug Friedman
    LinkedIn Profile

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